Our Unique Approach to Helping You Overcome

Type 2 Diabetes

          I am glad you are here.  Please take a moment to read our approach, it has changed the lives of countless people.

          We have seen it all in the clinic.  All the complications...blindness, strokes, bypass surgery, kidney failure, amputations, heart failure, neuropathy.  We have heard the frustrations...not having the energy for home, then work, becoming disabled, losing relationships, not being there for family, becoming depressed, losing the will to live. We have also witnessed the turn around, the reversal, the return to normal life, normal weight, no medications, high energy, enjoyment of friends and family.  How do we do that?

          You have probably already seen or read that Type 2 Diabetes is considered a reversible syndrome.  Numerous studies have proven that. Studies show dozens of independent factors that can each have the potential to reverse diabetes.  How does one know which factors to treat?                             
           Most often, Type 2 Diabetes develops from Metabolic Syndrome, which means your metabolism no longer 'burns' fuel efficiently.  With time, it turns into diabetes, which ultimately means that organs are expected to have complications.
          Think of high blood sugar as the 'check engine' light on your car dashboard. It could mean many different problems.   Studies have shown that there are over two dozen underlying issues can cause blood sugars to rise.  These issues are inflammatory, causing a chain reaction and higher blood sugar. Type 2 diabetics also have resistance to insulin, not a lack of it.
            Traditional medicine does not address these issues.   
            The model of looking for underlying sources of inflammation is called ‘Functional Medicine’.  It is a way of treating chronic illness, and it's a paradigm practiced by all pedigrees of doctors: MD's, DO's, DC's, ND's, LAc's, NP's, all that can provide primary care. 
           The Functional Medicine approach systematically analyzes the potential underlying issues.   Treatment is specific and involves changes in lifestyle and diet (we identify and remove inflammatory foods without calorie restriction).  We utilize nutrients specific to address the underlying issues.  

Then the results we see are:  

  • Lower and stable blood sugars and A1C 
  • Reduced or eliminated medications 
  • Remarkably increased energy 
  • Weight loss without exercise or calorie restriction 
  • Eating without worry of rising blood sugars 
  • Identifying and correcting the real underlying causes as proven on follow-up laboratories 
  • Reducing the statistical risks for complications  
  • Achieving partial or full remission from Type 2 Diabetes  

Find out more, and if you are a good candidate for care.

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