CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME:  This and arm numbness and pain have a common origin, the neck.  Both the nerves exiting the neck vertebrae and nerve compression above the collar bone are the two most common sites of nerve dysfunction causing altered wrist function.  Add repetitive stress to this and then carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and can ensue.  Treatment involves resetting the nerves and re-aligning the wrist bones or elbow joints.  Relief is rapid.  Nerve dysfunction precedes these conditions in 92% of cases as determined by a study of workers in Colorado.


DISC INJURIES: causing arm or leg pain are commonly helped rapidly, thanks to some advanced techniques and laser therapy. Studies show 90%+ are helped with chiropractic care, and the techniques I use are safe, gentle, and accelerate typical healing times.  Rarely do I need to refer for a surgical consult.


ENERGY, SHORTNESS OF BREATH, FATIGUE:  Fatigue is such a common complaint.  For the majority of people it can be an adrenal issue, the gland that handles stress.  Most people think of stress as mental and emotional overload, however the biggest stresses on the body are blood sugar fluctuations, food sensitivities and immune issues.  This is so overlooked in medicine.  Treating it can be live changing for many.  Shortness of breath (other than COVID) can be from heart issues, adrenal, mitochondrial and other causes.  Our functional approach can catch these issues early and again, for many, can be life changing increasing one’s energy dramatically.  In addition, for COPD, I have a referral that can dramatically help.


HEADACHES: Headaches are common and they are routinely helped, whether migraine, traumatic, tension, environmental or those triggered food sensitivities.   The greatest share of headaches are due to upper neck subluxations, easily helped by chiropractic adjustments.  It is straight-forward for me to test the source of your headache with kinesiology (acupuncture-like analysis), epecially when you are having the symptoms.


INJURIES FROM SPORTS OR ACCIDENTS: Many of you know that I have postgraduate certifications in sports injuries and rehab, so whether it is neck, back, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, hips, knees, ankles or feet, our sports care can quickly help. Studies show that fewer injuries occur for athletes receiving routine check ups.

As for automobile accidents, falls etc, quick intervention after the accident allows the body to be guided to the best, quickest and strongest repair of damaged tissues.  Waiting and pain meds is not the answer.


KNEE PAIN, HIP PAIN, FOOT PRONATION: Many people have debilitating knee pain from alignment issues from the feet up.  Simple treatments and functional orthotics for the feet can correct a big percentage of these issues.  Hip issues can relate to the feet, the low back and muscle imbalances.  Hip degeneration, requiring surgery, occurs much less frequently than you think.  The hip pain is typically some other issue.


LOW BACK OR NECK PAIN:  Low back and neck pain are the two most common pain issues seen in the office.  The key is to identify the specific nerves affecting the pain and whether there is a muscle imbalance causing chronic over use, degeneration or foundational alignment issue.  The vast majority of these pains correct rapidly, many experience immediate pain relief. 


PAIN ISSUES: Most pains throughout the body relieve routinely and rapidly with chiropractic care.  Advanced testing techniques allow us to determine whether pain is musculoskeletal or from organs.  Even pain from organs is most commonly resolved simply and safely. Occasionally, referrals are required for more complex issues.


PLANTAR FASCITIS: Treated early in the cycle, plantar fascitis can resolve rapidly.  When a person has had it a year or more, the treatment cycle is longer.  Regardless, the most overlooked aspect of plantar fascitis is nerve dysfunction of the motor nerves of the sacrum which control the calf and foot muscles.  When the nerves are irritated, the muscles tighten and have less capacity to contract, so the fascia is the last defense.  It stretches causing fasciitis and pain.  To correct it, the nerves and muscles must work properly to hold the foot arches up.  Sometimes arch inserts or orthotics are needed. 


SHOULDER CONDITIONS: There are numerous conditions affecting the shoulder.  One commonality is the involvement of the cervical spine.  Most injuries are preceded by dysfunction of the nerves of the neck, shutting down normal function of the complex of muscles (except in cases of blunt force trauma).  So nerve function is addressed first, then the muscle function is addressed and movement patterns are restored if necessary. The majority of shoulder conditions respond rapidly with this approach. 

TENDONITIS: Tendons can become inflammed and damaged from injuries, overuse and altered joint mechanics.  Too many practicioners overlook the fact that nerve dysfunction precedes the vast majority of tendon injuries.  Vertebral joints house position sense receptors (proprioceptors), that when not working 100%,  reduce nerve control to muscles.  This leads to persistent over-contraction of the muscle.  This creates a continual strain on the muscle and tendon.  So, frequently, normal contractions cause the tendon to injure.  

Restoring normal joint mechanics and the nerve function that relates to these muscles is essential.  In addition, we use topical healing patches (only available through practicioners) that accelerate tendon healing via increased circulation.  These patches are essential, since tendons have poor circulation in general.  


TMJ (TMD):  Jaw issues are quite complex in the medical/dental work-ups.  However, most are imbalance issues involving fascia of the head, neck and jaw.  Balancing the fascia tension can lead to quick resolution.



Our ‘FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE’ care addresses:  

type 2 diabetes, digestive issues, asthma, IBS, allergies, stress, anxiety, autoimmunity and mystery conditions. 

There are many natural and scientific solutions for these conditions. 

To effectively and systematically help people with these conditions, we start with a comprehensive consultation to determine how you can be helped, then we prescribe specific in-depth labs to identify the true underlying issues, not just the routine labs you may be used to.  By treating underlying inflammatory issues, Type 2 Diabetes and Autoimmunity patients improve dramatically.


WELLNESS AND HEALTH MAINTENANCE: is the one of the primary reasons many people see us regularly.   Keeping the body in optimal function reduces hospitalizations, surgeries and medication use by 67%+.  (As proven by a Midwest PPO study) Recommendations are individualized.

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