Custom Foot Orthotics

Orthotics are a great way to help with issues related towalking and alignment, including knee, foot, hip and lower back pain. They can help to realign the bones in thefoot and ankle and take stress off other parts of the body. They help to stabilize many people withchronic pelvic, hip and shoulder conditions. Custom foot orthotics also cushion your feet, provide comfort, supportyour arches, and evenly distribute your body weight to eliminate pressure on yourfeet.

How do orthotics work?

Custom foot orthotics are specially made devices that fitinside your shoes. They match thecontours of your feet and correct over-pronation (rolling in of the feet) and otherstructural misalignments of the feet. (Thisis more common than you might think.) They can be worn on a daily basis and for most all activities.

The custom orthotics we use are made of a variety ofmaterials according to your condition, your activities and your shoe type. They can last from 3 to 10 years, dependingon the materials and your activities. Unlike over-the-counter inserts, these orthotics correct your alignment,posture and foot strike. We do alsocarry high end inserts, for people who have good foot function, but need morecushion or arch support than their shoes provide.

Dr. Pierce has expertise in casting orthotics for a vastmajority of foot issues. Insurance typicallyreimburses you for orthotics and ours come from the same podiatric orthoticsupplier that would be charge twice as much from your podiatrist. We can alsorefer you to a great podiatrist, should you have a foot condition that requiresthat. Get your feet checked, if you havechronic issues or have never had them examined. Also, if you have a child with an posture issues, awkward gait ornoticeable abnormal wear on the outside of their shoes, have them evaluated. Correcting their feet can be accomplishedbefore puberty and can often eliminate the need for them to use orthotics inadulthood.

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