Digestive Distress

There are many components to digestive distress.  In a comprehensive approach, we check digestion from the mouth all the way to elimination.  

Indigestion.  Bloating.   Common issues are lack of digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid.  Strangely, when people are taking acid blockers for ‘excess acid’, they most often have just the opposite, lack of digestive enzymes or even hydrochloric acid.  Simple tests can verify this and many people find that their doctor takes them off the acid blockers because of their improvement.  Two other very common causes of bloating are yeast overgrowth and food sensitivities.

‘Stomach’ pain.  Here is where finding the source becomes more important.  This pain can be from numerous different organs, however in order of most common:  Gallbladder dysfunction, ‘hiatal hernia’, food sensitivities, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), H. Pylori infection, thoracic nerve dysfunction.  Thankfully, there are exam indicators and nutritional testing indicators that help us pinpoint and quickly relieve many of these issues. Less common issues require laboratory testing.

Mid to lower GI pain is most commonly SIBO, where bacteria or sometimes fungus leaks upward from the colon into the intestines.  Nutrients and specific dietary changes commonly help this.

IBS, Diarrhea and Constipation.  There are six factors that regulate bowel movements for 99% of people. It is uncommon to not help someone with constipation.  Diarrhea can be from foods, stress, poor digestion, imbalance of probiotics, infection and lumbar nerve dysfunction.  Symptoms can be abated easily, then we identify and treat the underlying cause.  

Leaky Gut.  This condition is where the lining of the gut is not tight and ‘leaks’ undigested molecules into the blood stream.  It is commonly linked to autoimmunity and chronic inflammation.  Lab tests can diagnose the severity.  Treatment requires dietary modification and specific healing nutrients.  This treatment is a must for those with autoimmunity issues.   

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