WELLNESS AND HEALTH MAINTENANCE: This care is the one of the primary reasons many people see us regularly.   Regular maintenance care has been shown to  reduce hospitalizations, surgeries and medication use by 67%+.  (As proven by a Midwest PPO study). 

As you peruse this website, it becomes apparent that wellness is more than the absence of disease (as health was defined for decades).  Wellness is the pursuit of improving the function of your body and being.  

From the physical perspective, wellness encompasses the improvement and maintenance of the structural systems of the body and alleviation of abnormal pressures and restrictions to nervous system feedback and control. More than that, it is the identification and elimination of toxins and then the routine detoxification of our body’s. With the rise of toxins, allergies and sensitivities have also exploded.  Identifying them, desensitizing them as possible and avoiding them when necessary is essential and effective.  

Stress and negative emotional triggers also affect our body.  The physiologic effects of stress can now be mitigated with various nutrients and ‘adaptogens’.  Minimizing the psychologic triggers is taught and simple to master.  

Nutrition has become a very specialized aspect of wellness.  Now we can analyze and optimize the function of the organs and tissues of the body, reversing many syndromes and minimizing the prospects of disease. Lastly, spirituality is essential in whatever form you practice for the completion of harmony with our world. 

We offer treatment and or direction to address each of these areas above to promote wellness.  Regular check-ups help to test and identify each of these issues when they are recent and mild to treat easily.   

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