Laboratory Testing

In the Functional Medicine area of practice, laboratory testing proves essential to locate the underlying reasons for a person’s maladies and for showing proven results of treatment.  Our testing is more comprehensive in nature than most general medical testing, because we are looking for underlying issues rather than just confirming a disease diagnosis.

We utilize LabCorp for blood and urine testing.  We are in a co-op that allow us to get the lowest prices for laboratory tests and we also do not mark up tests…they are at cost.

In addition to blood labs, we perform in-depth, stool analysis to test for bacteria, yeast, parasites and  good bacteria levels.  The tests also have sensitivity culture tests to see what natural agent or antibiotics may be needed to treat an issue.

We order state-of-the-art food sensitivity tests that are the best in accuracy, antibody tests for a host of immune/autoimmune issues, GI leaky gut profiles, hormonal profiles, adrenal profiles and specialty tests.

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