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General nutrition. Most people we see feel they have a good handle on nutrition.  Typically, this information comes from articles or friends or the internet.  While the intent is good, we often find unusual or faddish approaches to nutrition from the internet articles.  We view nutrition as the scientific approach to optimize cellular health and thus improve tissue, organ, organ system and overall function of the body.  Nutrition encompasses food, lifestyle, stress assessment, organ function, cellular nutrient needs, detoxification, elimination, cellular communication and exercise that promotes cellular function.

Our nutritionist, Kari, has post graduate board certification in wholistic nutrition.  That means looking at the body as a whole and utilizing food primarily and nutrients as needed to create a positive result in the body.  We are not about weight loss, however overweight people routinely lose weight in our health plans.  Kari is an expert in developing patient specific food plans and lifestyle counseling.  We do not believe in calorie restriction.

Food sensitivities.  Via the nutritionist or the doctor we provide identification and testing for food sensitivities.  These have exponentially exploded over the last 40 years, with three likely reasons.  Kari teaches a person how to navigate life with new food plans and substitute sensitive foods with good tasting, easy to access replacements.  Some of the greatest changes we have seen in many conditions have come from this.

Toxicity. Detoxification is essential to healthy function of the body.  Since the inception of fertilizers after World War II, there are now over 90,000 chemicals introduced into our environment.  Even infants in the most remote places of the world register over 200 toxic chemicals in their umbilical blood.  Our body is well versed at detoxification, however, the sheer load of toxins can overwhelm it.  We utilize five different detoxification plans for people of all ages and toxic exposures.  With serious conditions, a true clinical, cellular detoxification restores normal cellular function and starts the process of healing.

Body Composition has changed over the years with addition of fat mass to Americans and others.  In America, over 40% of the population is obese (>30% fat tissue). This raises the risk of most chronic health issues.  We utilize state of the art body composition testing, accurate within 1-2%.  We are also able to determine physiologic age vs chronologic age and toxicity levels.  Without caloric restriction, we can reduce this risk and change composition.   

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