Thyroid Issues

Current thyroid treatment is a one-size-fits-all approach based on very limited labs.  However, each of us is unique and current science shows that there are two dozen factors, not just one, that affect your thyroid function.  Thant’s why for over 25 years we have addressed each patient’s unique underlying causes with personalized care.

What do we do?

We run comprehensive lab tests, much more in depth than you have likely had done: Blood, urine, hormone, stool, food sensitivity and antibody tests.

We thoroughly analyze every marker, not just the ones out-of-range.

We find the root cause(s) of your condition.

Next, we test and determine which foods you tolerate and those you don’t.  So you can eat without worry of causing symptoms and to improve your function.

Then we develop a custom, personalized care plan to reverse the progression of your condition.  So you not only feel the changes, you see them on your lab tests.

  • You learn the true cause(s) of your hypothyroid condition.
  • Your energy can increase dramatically.
  • Your weight can drop WITHOUT exercise.
  • You can feel happier with more stable moods.
  • Your ability to handle stress can improve.
  • Your digestion and elimination can normalize.
  • Your hair can thicken.
  • Your will learn your real underlying risk factors and see them improve on follow-up tests.
  • You can be yourself again.

Contact us for a brief no-cost consultation to see if this is right for you.

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