Functional Analysis of Blood Laboratory Testing

Functional Analysis of blood laboratory testing helps toidentify underlying issues overlooked in traditional medical evaluation. Chronic health conditions happen slowly overtime and they can most often be spotted on functional analysis oflaboratories. How? We narrow the ranges on the lab values to payattention to values outside the ‘optimal range’. Traditional labs ‘flag’ (bold) on the labtest when you are in the last 3% of people tested by that lab. So, what happens when you are in the last 5%or 10%? You get missed. We use proprietary software to do theanalysis, combined with years of ‘functional medicine’ training, we can spotpatterns of chronic issues brewing. These can often be addressed with nutrients and changes in diet andlifestyle. Most importantly, we can seethe positive changes on follow-up tests.

If you are looking to improve your health, or if you have achronic condition, this is a must analysis.

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