Type 2 Diabetes

Have you been following a strict diabetes management plan without success? Dr. Michael Pierce and the team at Wellness Revolution Health Center in Santa Clara, CA, offer a functional and customized approach to help you improve the outcome.

A Functional Approach to Diabetes

If you or anyone you know lives with diabetes, you know that the recommendations for management are to exercise, diet, and take medication. You might have followed this advice to the letter, but you’re still struggling with your condition. Worse, it might even worsen and lead to the need for even more medication. What is going on? What are you doing wrong? And what do you do now?

It can be easy to get lost in such questions, but if you’re following the guidelines, and they’re not helping, it’s not your fault. And the good news is that there is help through functional medicine. Learn more about this field in the guide below from Dr. Pierce and his team at Wellness Revolution Health Center in Santa Clara, CA.

Why Doesn’t the Traditional Approach Work?

The recommended guidelines for managing diabetes are very generalized. While they aren’t bad steps to take, they are speaking to a broad audience about something that is highly personalized.

Just because two people have the same condition doesn’t mean they are just alike. They each have different lifestyles, different reactions to food, different physical abilities, different genetic factors, and more. Even the access they have to specific foods can be very different, as well as the underlying reasons that their blood sugar is so high. Due to this, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t provide the desired results.

How Functional Medicine Works 

Functional medicine provides a much different path for managing blood sugar. It is built around the individual with the condition, not the general public. It takes into account the various factors that impact your health and may impede blood sugar regulation. It seeks to identify the underlying cause of your condition so that the root is addressed.

Once the information is gathered, a plan can be developed that is completely personalized to the individual. It begins with using the most natural treatments. For example, it can include nutrition plans that you can actually sustain that focus on modifications to your diet instead of focusing on restricting calories. It will also include easy-to-implement lifestyle adjustments.

Progress is monitored to ensure any changes and modifications are successful. When necessary, referrals are provided for specialists.

Wondering if this approach will work for you? Schedule a diabetes consultation with Dr. Pierce and the team at Wellness Revolution Health Center in Santa Clara, CA, by calling (408) 296-6133 today.

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