Nanda C: I have been a patient of Dr Pierce for a long time now, may be 5 years. Very first time I came here was with bad pain in my hand, unable to move thumb. The only option I had was steroid injection or surgery. But Dr Pierce did wonders with his treatment. After few weeks my hands had a new life in them, I will be always grateful for those treatments. I have regularly seen him for adjustments to my neck and shoulder. He is an amazing doctor, and knows what he is doing.  

Robin P: My husband has been going to Dr. Pierce for years for diabetes and chiropractic care, and has had years of success and optimal treatment. I recently went to Dr. Pierce after years of back and neck pain. I had experienced in the past abysmal worker’s comp care, so I knew I needed to do something more intense for lifelong wellness. I’ve now had only five treatments with Dr. Pierce, and almost feel like it’s been life-changing. My range of motion and mobility is far greater than it has been in years, and my pain is practically non-existent. I knew my husband was a success story, but I personally felt chiropractic care was a little out of my comfort zone. Unfortunately it took me to be a a lot of pain to finally get the courage to go. Dr Pierce is now giving me exercises for my continued success and wellness, and I look forward in my progression of being pain free.

Smitesh P: Absolutes the best!  I've been going here for 17 years. From athletic injuries, allergies, headaches, laser therapy, nutrition, detox, he knows his stuff. I've seen many others, don't waste your time if you want it done right the first time.  His approach is based on an overall approach to your health not just chiropractic and truly has your long health in mind. 

Sandy R: If you're looking for a holistic approach to your health, this is your place to go!  

Anonymous: I started off seeing Dr P for a terrible sports injury.  My previous chiropractor couldn't diagnose me and I was in so much pain and could barely move.  I went to Dr P after a recommendation from a friend and learned I had 2 bulging discs in my neck!  Dr P said he couldn't do anything until the swelling went down, which I appreciated.  After a few weeks he had me feeling 100%!

Anonymous: Everyone needs Dr P in their life.

Dr P is my go to guy for everything, physically and mentality.   Anytime I have a sports injury, or am not feeling well, my first stop is always Dr P.  Dr P's approach is very holistic and you'd be surprised at what he can do to help you in almost all areas of your health.

David T: Great Dr. great staff.  Dr. Pierce is the only chiro I will see.  He is the only Dr. that can adjust my sensitive neck injury properly. Very professional and lots of experience. 

Joseph R: Dr. Pierce is honestly one of the best chiropractors around. I have been going to see him for 10+ years. He has helped me with partially torn shoulder muscles and hamstrings, stiff necks and upper backs, strained ACL's and PCL's and pretty much anything I came to him with over my athletic career. (Played college baseball) Shoot one time, I even went to a orthopedic (joint) doctor for a wrist injury where I was having pain up to a 7 or 8 and could barely move it, and the orthopedic doctor said I would need surgery and be out for 2-4 months. I went and saw Dr. Pierce and he readjusted my wrist and elbow and said I'd be good in a week and sure enough I was. It seems like this has always been the case. I show up seriously injured, unable to compete, perform, let alone move, and he fixes me up and I leave feeling so much better, mentally, as well as physically. He answers every question I have about the human body, and usually always gives me a stretch or tells me how to roll out and what to do to rehab my injury. He is an expert in his field and I highly recommend anyone with physical pain to go and see him, he will have you feeling 10x better ASAP  

Pat K: for a bulging disk in my lower back that I was told would need surgery. That's the last thing I wanted to have to go through so I thought I would give Dr a try and thank God I did! I was in constant unrelenting agony, I took Vicoden like they were tic tacs and all they did was dull the pain and ache a bit and dull my mind. Couldn't run or play golf. I was absolutely miserable. I walked stooped over because I couldn't straighten up. So I go see Dr Pierce and he cheerfully said that I would not need surgery and he would be able to fix the problem. So, I went to see him and each time it got better and better and now I run 5 miles a day and play golf any time I want to. He is absolutely amazing! When I go to see him now for minor routine adjustments and while I'm laying face down on the table he walks in the room and always says what's bothering me and he's always right! I have no idea how he knows this without even touching me, incredible. I highly recommend seeing Dr Pierce for your Chiropractic needs. Thank you, Dr Pierce.  

George M: Dr. Pierce is the best at what he does, short of being a miracle of what he does, he treats your whole body and make sure its running on all cylinders, an your energy level will take off. And that discomfort will disappear.
Lets face it, you dont get five stars because you dont know what your doing, also his complete staff is a 5 star Staff, what else would you want for your family.  

Anonymous: The best of the best. I use to go to Portland, Oregon to get adjustments, now I found the best place in the world to get help,right in my back yard. How lucky am I. I have had a bad back all my life and this man called Dr. Pierce is truly the best at what he does, When I was introduced to him thru a friend, My friend seen my humped over an told me that if Dr. Pierce could not fix my problem that he would pay for it, Being Cheap skate like I am, I had to take him up on it. Boy was I impressed, Dr. Pierce has saved so many people an friends of mine from surgery because the hospitals want to give you pain killers or surgery to take care of the issue which is damaged nerves. Doctor Pierce puts everything back in place and lets your body heal itself like it was meant to. We have been going to him for over 20 years and referred around 30 to 40 friends an family to him. They all say the same thing. He's great!

Paul F.: First noticed this office after going to another appointment across the parking lot. As a new patient of chiropractors, Im always skeptical because i've had too many of them hardly look at me or feel each vertebrae before adjusting. I felt like i was given a good exam before and more importantly my back felt great after the adjustment. I work at a very static desk job and every couple months, i could use a slight adjustment. I've been back a couple times now and still receiving great care. Thanks Dr. Pierce and staff   

Scott. C: I've been seeing Dr. Pierce for a couple of years now.  He was recommended to me by a coworker.   He correctly diagnosed her as being a celiac (allergic to wheat).  This correct diagnosis changed her life and rid her of a lot of pain and suffering.  That impressed me enough to go see him and find out what he could do for me. Dr. P. will encourage you to see him once a month on a maintenance basis.  If you can afford it, do it.  I do better if I see him on a regular basis and get preventive care.  If you've woken up with a crick in your neck or returned from a trip and your back is killing you from too many hours in an airline seat, she'll work you in. 

Anonymous: There is something a bit scary about laying down on a table and letting a man twist your neck and hearing a "pop" or "crack!" sound.  We've all seen enough movies where the bad guy (usually) gets his neck broken.   The staff at Santa Clara Family Chiropractic led by Dr. Michael Pierce, puts you at ease so you don't have that apprehensive feeling.  Of course, it helps that when you're in a treatment room, you're offered either some heat and/or a few minutes of a mechanical massage which immediately starts to relax the twisted muscles that brought you to Dr. P. in the first place.

Jamie C: I must say that I hate having my neck cracked and have shed tears a few times so Dr. Pierce will use prods instead of cracking. I'm glad he tries to do whatever he can to not freak me out. Thanks!! 

Anonymous: I've always been apprehensive about anything to do with medical/chiro stuff but decided that I had to do something after so many years of being in pain. I came in and saw Dr. Pierce and have to say he is a really amazing chiropractor and made me feel very comfortable right away. He diagnosed me with several things (which left me kinda sad) but at least now I know and can get the treatments that I need.

Anonymous: I've been coming here for my treatments twice a week and I'm feeling a little better. Dr. Pierce has an unconventional way of prescribing pills, which I thought was hilarious but it's all based on the energy that each individual and object has.

Kristina M: He's helped me with a number of ailments over the years, from sports injuries to general sluggishness (from food related allergies), including care through two pregnancies. No matter what is going on with me, he always seems to know how to hone in on the issues and get me on the path to feeling better. He keeps me functioning at peak performance! I can't thank him enough.  

Anonymous: I've been seeing Dr. Pierce for care since 2004, and he is hands down, one of the most practical, results driven docs around. I've referred my husband, and no less than a dozen friends (over half of which see him regularly).

Lisa M: Dr. Pierce and Kari are bar none the best at what they do.  Dr. Pierce is an amazing chiropractor and wellness doctor.  I was skeptical with any chiropractor because of what many western medicine doctors convey or don't fully understand.  With years of chronic neck pain, he was able to get full mobility and the pain to go away.  I went to several spine doctors snd they want to perform surgery and give me a few exercises to do or pain meds that knock me out.  No thank you!  Dr. Pierce gets to the source of the pain, adjusts correctly, and give you the correct tools to reduce the pain along with honest input on how to live your best life.  In addition, his wellness care along with Kari being a wonderful nutritionist takes you to a whole new level of care of your entire body so it keeps you away from chronic life long illnesses.  I'm a true believer and can't say enough about this modest, humble Dr. Pierce and nutritionist (Kari).  They truly care about people and their health and practice the best functional medicine in the Bay Area!  Try these folks, you won't be sorry! Thank you Dr. Pierce and Kari.

Liz L: I have been seeing Dr. Pierce for chiropractic care for many years now, and he is a miracle worker. I had a leaky bladder and he did a series of adjustments so that I now live a normal life. I feel grateful, every time I see ads for adult panty liners and bladder surgery, that I'm free of that! I got plantar fasciitis and after his adjustments I rarely even feel it anymore. I tweaked my back, was in pain and couldn't bend over, and he fixed it. There are some chronic issues I have, and he helps me manage and control them too. I cannot recommend Dr. Pierce enough. The half-hour drive from my home is worth every second. If you're wondering which chiropractor to choose and live anywhere near Santa Clara, pick him, and it will be one of the best choices you'll ever make. Dr. Pierce is also friendly and cordial, professional, understanding and has a sense of humor to boot.  

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