Asthma / Shortness of Breath

Asthma has the components of airway constriction andinflammation. Two things are essential fortreatment. First, to re-establish normal‘autonomic’ control of the lungs. Thishappens by examining the nerves from the upper back that control sympatheticcontrol and also the upper neck that control parasympathetic control. In our experience, stimulation to the sympatheticnerves allows normal control and relief from bronchial constriction. We use a pulse oximeter to measure responsivenessand routinely see improvement in O2 readings. Secondly, identifying often overlooked IgG and IgA sensitivities is essential. Often a common food can exacerbate the asthmareaction. Identifying and eliminatingthese foods and environmental influences often allows a person control overtheir condition. Lastly, with somepeople, specific nutraceuticals can reduce the over-production of mucous,leading to less ‘stickiness’ of the mucous in the airways. (If you are having abreathing crisis, go to the emergency department of your local hospital). Wework with the chronic issues.

Shortness of Breath other than asthma above, oftenresults from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This can be a result of emphysema, sarcoidosis,infections (including post-covid) and other causes. We routinely refer people to an internationalvendor that uses traditional Chinese formulas in western application creating excellent outcomes. We see better FEV(forced expiratory volume) and endurance as show from much improved walking andstair climbing. Another cause of shortness of breath can come from metabolicconditions, like type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney issues, liver toxicity andnutrient deficiencies. Nerve dysfunction from structural issues can affect shortness ofbreath. Addressing the underlying metabolicconditions most commonly improves function. We have seen this especially among our type 2 diabetic patients.

If you have either of these conditions, it is worth lookingat these alternatives as an adjunct to your current treatment. Our experience shows it could be a differencemaker in your function and ability to return to previously restrictedactivities

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