New Patients

We accept a new patient only if you are a good fit, which makes you most likely to be successful.

          Before going any further, Learn what makes you a good fit.  I cannot stress this enough.  Many want change, but they have built in excuses why not.  If you are a good fit, you are highly likely to succeed.
           Now that you have done that, congratulations on your decision to choose the path to better health.  Below are three ways we can help you.  From having treated thousands of patients, we know where the majority of people get the greatest gains.  That means partial remission of type 2 diabetes for most people and some may have full remission. 

          The Basic Plan handles three basic issues.  Blood sugars lower and stabilize, energy climbs and weight reduces. This is for people who were recently diagnosed, not taking insulin or injectables, with less than 7.7 A1C's and no complications (heart disease, stints, stroke, retinopathy, kidney disease, cancer, transplant, neuropathy, autoimmune conditions). This is a home based and online program with full email support from our nutritionist.
Yes, I want the Basic Plan

           The Personalized Plan gives you one-on-one coaching for your unique self.  Here we run a comprehensive blood lab (much more comprehensive than you have likely ever had) and  you consult personally or by phone with the doctor and the holistic nutritionist to guide you along.  Most people in this group find the big changes...and more have major reductions in their blood sugar, explode their energy, shed weight without exercise and see elimination/reduction of their medication. Probably biggest of all, they see their risk factors for complications drop as shown the follow-up labs.

          This is for people who want to know what their real issues are and are willing to spend a little more to find out.  Also, this helps those with up to a 9.7 A1C who have are not taking insulin or injectables and have had no complications (heart disease, stints, stroke, retinopathy, cancer, transplant, kidney disease, neuropathy, autoimmune conditions).

Do you have a More Complicated Situation?

You still have options.  Do you have two or more of the following?  

  • You are taking insulin 
  • Your A1C is greater than 9.8
  • You also have an autoimmune condition (Hashimoto's, RA, Lupus etc)
  • You have had complications: stroke, heart attack, bypass surgery, kidney disease etc 
  • You are taking 7 or more medications

         Then you need a one-on-one consult with Dr. Pierce to determine how you can be helped.  Before the consult you will need to have a comprehensive blood test.  Not your last medical lab, you need the thorough, in-depth panel we run.  After that test it is necessary for you consult in-person,  face-to-face with Dr Pierce. Your spouse, partner or significant other must be present.

          You will learn your underlying issues, the treatment plan that you would need, what you can likely expect from care, how long it would take, any further tests that would be needed and cost of care.  Dr. Pierce will also determine at that time whether to accept you into care.  When you want your best option for success, this is it. 

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