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We accept a new patient only if you are a good fit, which means you are most likely to be successful.

Most all of our patients come by referral from other patients. They have a good idea about our office, staff and treatments. Look through this site, check the testimonials and review what we do for your condition.

It is likely we have seen a patient with your condition before from having seen 10’s of thousands of patients over 30 years. A few people, (perhaps you), are self-referred, probably from searching the internet. You are welcome too. However, I must say if you are coming from the internet, please schedule with integrity that you will be here for your appointment.

For those with type 2 diabetes, autoimmunity or multiple health issues, we take extra care to be sure you are willing to make significant changes in your lifestyle, diet and to be diligent about care. This is so you can be successful. It is best to have a brief, no-cost phone consultation with the doctor or nutritionist so we can best take care of your needs. Please check the links for diabetes and autoimmunity.

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