Our patients think of us as their first stop for their health issues.  Why?

First, we treat you as if you are family.

We let you know whether we can help you or not.  If we cannot, we refer you to a qualified provider who can.

Many health issues, whether pain, injury, digestive issues, many unusual nagging conditions... often improve quickly by our non-invasive testing, natural nutrients and by activating normal nerve function.

We use innovative analysis tools and state of the art therapeutics so you get the best, natural options for your health.

We personalize your treatment, knowing you are unique, with your own specific goals, needs, history,  and preferences.  This is not a cookie cutter approach.

We take more time than most providers, explain all that we do, and answer your questions.  Plus we give you transparent options to best fit your budget and speed your recovery.  When needed we refer to other qualified providers.

Lastly, our patients tell us we routinely deliver surprisingly great results.


Chiropractic Adjustments:  What is a chiropractic adjustment?  It is the normalization of a spinal joint motion and function AND the nerve function associated with that joint.  Chiropractic adjustments also address non-spinal joints to restore motion and function.

Adjustments can be done by hand (chiro means hand), with an instrument and even with a low-level laser.  Adjustments are tailored to each person’s size, age, condition and personal desire.  Adjustments can be delivered to anyone at any age by using the appropriate method.  People routinely report how great they feel after being adjusted.

The reason the spine is adjusted is because it houses 62 nerves that each communicate and control an average of 200 billion cells.  Slight abnormal function of the spinal joints where these nerves exit can dampen of the function cells, tissues, muscles and organs.  The best analogy for this function is a circuit breaker.  If the circuits of the spinal nerves are affected, it ‘dimmer-switches’ or impedes the nerve function to some degree. Muscles controlled by those nerves can get tight and even spasm, motion can be restricted, strength diminished, function reduced  and pain can also occur (but not always).   The adjustment causes a quick change of motion to the joint, this causes a burst of change of position information to the brain.  That resets the nerve dysfunction and mobilizes the joint.  Some conditions can require repeated adjustments until the spine, as a unit, functions normally. 

Laser Therapy:  Laser therapy can increase the response of many conditions.  I find the most common use for radiating nerve pain (Sciatica, radiculopathy etc). It accelerates the recovery.  I also use it to ‘adjust’ people who have more severe injuries and for some folks who just do not want manual adjustments.  Laser has also been shown effective for healing strain sprain injuries.

Applied Kinesiology:  Also know as reflex testing, this evaluation method allows the practitioner to find out ‘where’ problems may arise in the body.  It uses ‘acupoints’ that test positive for dysfunction in the body.  I find that a person needs to be well versed in this how to conduct this testing.  It is a tool, like a stethoscope is a tool, and proper use and knowledge make it very useful.  There are many points that are very reliable and allow me to help pinpoint a person’s issues and the options for treatment.

Trigger point therapy:  A trigger point is an over contracted point in muscle or connective tissue that causes pain either locally or to distant referred sites.  I find that after normalizing nerve function and motion, trigger point therapy can be exceptionally helpful in reducing chronic muscular pain.  I think this is often ignored by many providers and unfortunately, it is treated too early by some.  The nerve function and motion should be handled first.

Rehab exercise therapy:  Chiropractic and physical therapy is a great combination, unfortunately competition between these two fields has separated their integration.  That’s why I have certifications in spinal and sports rehabilitation. I find for most sports or trauma injuries that chiropractic care should be number one on the list, because it restores the nerve function first, which is paramount to healing.  Once nerve function and motion are restored, balancing and restoring proper muscular function stabilizes the area.  In my observation, beginning with exercise therapy first prolongs healing and leads to incomplete healing, due to the lack of restoration of nerve function. 

Nutritional Therapy:  There are many different conceptions of nutritional therapy.  What does nutritional therapy help?  Nutritional therapy really helps those with a chronic illness or condition, some mystery condition elusive of medical testing and for someone trying to optimize their health.

I employ the practice of Functional Medicine for nutritional therapy utilizing years of diagnostic knowledge, lab testing or kinesiology as tools to determine the need for nutrients for a person. My board certified holistic nutritionist also utilizes nutrients and she implements any necessary dietary modifications needed.  We utilize ‘nutriceutical’ agents, meaning they are formulated, tested, assayed, inspected and referenced in literature to effect a specific change for an organ or function.  For many patients, our professional body composition testing provides insight into your biologic age vs your chronologic age, cellular toxicity and fat mass. This functional medicine type of nutritional therapy can be a key to restoring health, energy, losing weight and fat mass, optimizing lab findings and getting you in control of your health.

Diagnostic laboratory testing:  There are a full array of laboratory tests we order through testing companies like LabCorp.  For Functional Medicine assessment, we often use much more comprehensive tests than most people have had, because we are testing ‘function’, not just checking for disease.  Then the tests are run through an in-house software that color codes the findings and makes them easier for patients to ‘read’.  This way, we can strive to optimize your health and educate you to understand your lab indicators.  Beyond comprehensive metabolic and inflammatory testing, we test hormonal and comprehensive thyroid function, adrenal function, leaky gut, dysbiosis, autoimmunity antibodies, food sensitivities and other specific tests.

Detoxification: If you ask people, the concept of detoxification really varies from person to person.  In Functional Medicine, detoxification helps to restore normal metabolic pathways of the cellular function, liver, kidney and bowel.  In addition, nutrients and diet are targeted to reduce levels of accumulated toxins (pesticides, fertilizers, airborne, water borne, heavy metals or from altered metabolism.  Signs of toxicity are apparent on functional labs and also from our in-house body composition and conduction testing.  We use a variety of different methods for detoxification depending on the patient’s needs.

Somatic Therapy:  Somatic means relating to the body.  Some people get pain or dysfunction from emotions or thought patterns that manifest somatic issues.  Psycho-somatic dysfunction is definitely real and can stall expected progress in some people.  I can often ‘dis-connect’ this with some advanced, simple neurologic techniques.  This does not constitute or replace psychologic or psychiatric care.

Allergy Desensitization:  Following the work of Devi Nambudripad, Ph.D., M.D., D.C., L.Ac., many allergies to common agents can be neutralized so a person can experience less symptoms.  The technique involves stimulation of acupoints (without needles) in the presence of the allergen.  It is not done for anaphylactic issues.

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