Dr. Micheal Pierce specializes in functional medicine in Santa Clara, CA. His goal is not to merely cover up a problem, but to get it at its source by working with the function of the body. For over 30 years, he has helped thousands of patients dealing with issues including diabetes, diet, thyroid issues, and other autoimmune diseases. His approach has helped people deal with a range of chronic pain and overwhelming fatigue.

His functional medicine and chiropractic approach includes the use of nutritional counseling. When you visit his office for treatment, you can receive nutritional guidance to enhance your detoxification process, reduce fatigue, and manage your diabetes. 

Dr. Pierce’s chiropractic care goes beyond standard manual adjustment and includes laser therapy and lab testing. Our lab testing is effective at helping to predict any chronic illnesses that may be brewing in your system. Dr. Pierce will analyze your blood to see what improvements can be made to maintain and improve your health and ward off the possibility of a chronic illness like diabetes.

There is no pressure when you talk with Dr. Pierce. He is a compassionate and experienced professional who's handled various issues. Start with a free phone consultation to discuss your issues and see if his approach will work for you. If you’re not a good match, Dr. Pierce is more than willing to direct you to another reputable professional who can.

Even when you're not visiting Dr. Pierce for an office session, you can benefit from his expertise and years of knowledge by getting one of his books. He is the author of "Blood Sugar Solution", which provides more insight into his functional medicine approach and diabetic management. He is a highly sought-after lecturer about how to reverse type 2 diabetes and manage your thyroid issues.


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